WESTconsin Credit Unions Various Locations (11) in Wisconsin   Satellite Background Music Systems  	Installed satellite background music systems in all 11 branches 	Ceiling speakers and wall mounted speakers for all branches 	Installed amplifiers and signal processing equipment 	Furnished and installed satellite radio systems for each branch Capstone Services  St. Paul, Minnesota  Audio-Visual Presentation System  	Front Screen video projection system with  	Screen size: 54 high and 72 wide 	Ceiling mounted commercial LCD projector 	Distributed ceiling loudspeaker system 	Custom wall-mounted controls and o signal processing equipment 	Document camera Northern Electricians Inc.   St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin	  Background Music System Acoustic Treatments 	Building-wide background music system 	Conference room acoustic treatments 	Web-conference system troubleshooting Northstar Financial Minneapolis, Minnesota	  Digital Signage System 	Lobby digital signage system 	Multimedia flat-panel monitors in conference room 	Flat-panel monitors in open office spaces Contact Us
KSG Sound & Video   -   Where every project is supervised on site by the Owner.
Amery Police Department Amery, Wisconsin  Outdoor Cinema System  	Cinema system for movies in the park 	9h x 16w inflatable projection screen 	Commercial 3-chip LCD video projector 	Outdoor portable sound system  	Training for use of cinema system St. Croix Falls Public Library   St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin   Audio-Visual Presentation Systems  	Video projection system with retractable electric screen 	Multiple conference room systems 	Also provided acoustic design and building power/conduit requirements for AV technology St. Croix Regional Medical Center St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin  Audio-Visual Presentation Systems  	Large screen video projection system 	Custom-designed podium with built-in control system 	Overhead speaker system 	Multiple small conference room systems with wall-mounted flat panel displays 	Video distribution system St. Croix Orthodontics St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin  Background Music/Paging System 	Background music system 	High quality paging with custom interface and signal processing 	Multiple local controls
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