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Ethiopian Evangelical Church of Minnesota (EECMN) in St. Paul initially called on KSG Sound & Video to perform a system and acoustical analysis for their Video Production Studio.  During the assessment, Sound, Video, and Lighting Systems upgrades, as well as Acoustical Treatment upgrades for the Sanctuary, were added to the list of target goals.    Working with a finite budget, KSG researched low-cost solutions that would result in high-quality performance for the Sanctuary systems and the heavily utilized Video Production Studio system.  The existing Canon manual video cameras were relocated from the Sanctuary to the Studio.  A new three- camera streaming system was designed for the Sanctuary using Sony robotic pan-tilt-zoom cameras, a Sony joystick camera controller, and the newly released ATEM Mini Extreme video production switcher with built-in hardware streamer.  The ATEM switcher was installed in the Studio Control Room, from where it operates the new Sanctuary pan-tilt-zoom robotic cameras as well as the Studio cameras.   Often overlooked in video streaming design are the lighting-for-video requirements.  While some designers mistakenly use standard theatrical stage lighting fixtures for video lighting, KSG designed a stage lighting-for-video system, utilizing lamps and fixtures characterized by their correct and consistent color-temperature, as well as their high color-rendering index.    A new lighting batten was designed and installed to provide appropriate lighting angles across the entire stage.  KSG performed lighting calculations to define the level of lighting-for-video illumination required.  Lighting fixtures and lamps were selected to meet, but not exceed these requirements, thereby meeting the needs at the lowest reasonable cost.  Care was taken in selecting these lighting sources to ensure consistent color-temperature and high color-rendering performance.  Adjustable- beam Fresnel spotlight instruments were chosen for key lighting and fixed PAR fixtures were chosen for fill lighting,  All existing stage wash and accent lights were re-lamped to keep color temperature consistent and color-rendering high.   New House lighting fixtures were selected with matching color-temperature and color-rendering performance, to allow the congregation to be included in video streaming images without color shifts due to lighting. DMX controllers were added to all House and Stage lighting fixtures and a new lighting board was installed and programmed.    A new wide-screen video projection system was designed, utilizing screen sizes appropriate for the depth of the Sanctuary, ensuring good viewing to every seat in the House.  A pair of refurbished video projectors was installed and aligned and new custom video screens were designed and installed on the front Sanctuary walls. The sound system loudspeakers and rigging were repaired.  The loudspeakers were re-aimed for improved coverage, seat-to-seat, and a new Shure DSP was installed to provide limiting protection for the loudspeakers, re-equalization for improved speech intelligibility, and digital feedback control.  Acoustical wall panel treatments were also prescribed to minimize existing flutter echo and improve sound quality.
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"You have done a great job in upgrading our Streaming Technology and Lighting Systems”    “Our Power Point Presentation in the Sanctuary exceeds our expectations”                                      Eyob Gizaw                                                              Music/Technical Director
LED Lighting, Live Streaming, Sound, Video, and Acoustical Renovation at Ethiopian Evangelical Church of MN - St. Paul LED Stage and House Lighting - Lighting Control - Video Streaming - Wide-Screen Video Projection - Sound Reinforcement -  Studio Video Production - Acoustical Treatment
Live Video Streaming design and installation, as well as LED Lighting-for-Video, Video Projection, Sound Reinforcement, and AV system engineering and installation are some of the specialty services provided by KSG Sound & Video.  Design and installation is provided for all types of facilities. 
“Awesome job!”   “I hope we will be able to connect in the future for more great projects ”                           Eyob Gizaw                                               Music/Technical Director
EECMN Video Production Studio
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